Monday, February 22, 2010

PyCon 2010 was awesome!

This years PyCon 2010 was pretty much awesome! Really enjoyed the entire experience. My favorite talk was the last keynote Antonio Rodriguez  the slides are online but I could not find the video yet. I enjoyed the async non-blocking talk by Peter A Portante. I took the time out to speak with him about it more and he pointed out that we need better access to kernel non-blocking to create a standard Python API that would be uber fast. I agree that is long term goal I am just focused on advocacy right now. Mark Ramm is one of my favorites folks out there. He is a real hands dirty funny kind of person. We discussed NoSQL which was mostly him teaching me stuff about his actual deployment and us agreeing on everything else. Right now I am leading NoSQL as time savings not so much as performance because I think people don't realize the are getting shafted by the performance issues with RDBMS. Anyway I tried to push Riak on Mark by sending him and email and pointing out a bug on his blog (I am sure that didn't help). I am planning on going again next year! Excited that I am going to go to Google IO also this year :)